Alstema has manufactured thousands of meters of medium-voltage busducts for dozens of major Power Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Chemical Plants and Refineries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The company's specialty is single-phase busduct (IPB) and three-phase busduct (SPB / NSPB) in round and rectangular designs. In addition, the power distribution cycle includes the company's other projects: power lead cabinets, generator zero cabinets, equipment connections, coolers and other equipment supplied to the world's leading power facility Contractors.

KW Marl  Germany
Svartisen Norway
Vasilikos IV Cyprus
Boxberg Germany
Ensdorf Erw. Germany
Vasilikos Blast Cyprus
Kenitra Morocco
Revision Halle Germany
Termopaipa Greece
Ilarion Greece
Nedre Rossaga Norway
KW Heilbronn Germany
Ciprel IV Cyprus
Kvilldal Norway
Farge Germany
Mining Germany
Sima Norway
KW Emsland Germany
JSW Koksownia Radlin Poland
Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn - Koźle Poland
Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Puławy Poland
Seitevare Sweden
El Tebbin Germany
Schw. Pumpe Germany
EDF Toruń Poland
Mae-Moh Thailand
Weisweiler Germany
Kegums Latvia
Yanbu Saudi Arabia
EC Zofiówka Poland
Niederaussen F Germany
Bjerka HPP Norway
EC Żerań Poland
EC Zabrze Poland
PKN Orlen Poland
El. Opole Poland
Kemira Chem. Finland
El. Kozienice Poland
El. Łaziska Poland
Nikola Tesla Serbia
SIB Innset Norway
Metsa Fibre  Finland
KW Reuter Germany
Abu Zaabal Egypt
Kureimat Egypt
Nogent France
Mittelsbueren Germany
Avedore Denmark
El.Jaworzno Poland
Boryeong South Korea
Quinson France
EC Kraków Poland
Vianden Luxembourg
Tiefstack Germany
El. Turów Poland
EC Stalowa Wola Poland
Yeniko-Kemerkoy Turkey
ZW Tameh Poland
Loviisa Finland
EC Rzeszów Poland
Dinorwig Wales


  • comprehensive installation of our own and other manufacturers' busducts, 
  • installation of Generator Switches, 
  • periodic inspections with the possibility of extending the warranty period, 
  • replacement of components in existing systems, 
  • modernization of old systems to new parameters, 
  • modification of connections after replacement of transformers, switchgear,
  • Dry air overpressure systems in existing buses,
  • emergency service.


  • comprehensive installation of busducts of our own production,
  • assembly of busducts of other manufacturers,
  • installation of Generator Switches in existing power lead-out systems,
  • adaptation of busbar connections after the replacement of transformers and switchgears,
  • control and measurement apparatus and automation,
  • electrical and power facilities,
  • auxiliary equipment in power plants,
  • industrial pipelines,
  • steel structures and industrial installations,


The Project Scope includes:
1. technical support to project participants, including in-house measurements 
at the target facility, clarifications, meetings, reviews, assumptions, guidelines 
and interprofessional agreements,

2. the Design Documentation developed to obtain solutions that meet the required technical parameters and operating conditions, and at the same time the most favorable for the investment budget, among other ...